About Us

  • Incorporated in 2001 in Mumbai
  • As an entrepreneurially run premier knowledge based emerging market development company
  • Part of the Manoobhai Doongursee Group  which is in existence for most of the 20th century as a  socially responsible business group that has skillfully skirted the excesses of the ‘90’s and the early 21st century
  • Clients including Indian and other Emerging Market Businesses and Organizations (Government & Non- Government) seeking to grow and access global markets for business, trade and investments
  • Delivering decision-making methodologies for enterprise excellence, productivity, efficiency, collaboration, & innovation, customized to clients needs, across sectors and run as engagement projects.
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What We do

  • Your methods – strategies, plans, marketing, finance, IT, HR
  • Your markets – strategies for your expansion in India and Overseas
  • Your Money – strategies for sourcing funds in India and Overseas
  • Your seminars – in India and overseas
  • Your internships – in India

What We bring

  • Macro perspectives as India’s premier knowledge based emerging market development company.
  • Offices in Mumbai & Pune in India.
  • External strategic alliances developing in North America, Canada, Central & South America, Africa, Middle East, China, S.E. Asia, rest of South Asia and Australia – who add local expertise and know how.


We have been in existence since 2001 and therefore have advised a wide variety of businesses covering a variety of emerging opportunities, at different points in time. Most of it is related to India Centric Globalisation Strategies for business expansion.

At present, through Advanced Strategies, we help Indian Enterprises, Govt. Agencies, Special Economic Zones and Townships, High Networth Angel Investors with their business expansion and performance improvement strategies. What we do for them:

  • Business Model Appraisal, Strategic Shifts, Positioning of the firm & stake holder collaboration (Investors, suppliers, customers, alliances & Govt. bodies)

  • Competition Analysis and assessment of internal strengths and weaknesses of the firm

  • Review of Current Strategies & Strategy Audits

  • Long Term Planning

  • Business Activity monitoring for performance improvement
  • Vendor evaluation

  • IT enabled MSS – Development of IT enabled management support systems – SCM, CRM, ERP, ERM, ASP, KMS and web based networking intranets & cloud computing / extranets

  • Marketing – Identification, evaluation, deal structure and negotiation support with potential customers, external alliances and distribution.

  • Marketing – Global growth & market penetration.

  • Financial strategies, planning and implementation by restructuring and fund raising & Joint Ventures

  • Interactive programs & Seminars – Design and Execution.

  • Internship programs development by Abhyas.org – convergence initiative between academia & industry

Our services are structured into projects, programs or workshops. We may customize a proposal for you once we have met and understood your organizations resource needs and the best possible way to get them.

The sectors/ opportunities we have been studying and have started working on at present

  • Hospitality – 3 & 4 star hotels, resorts, heritage properties & restaurants

  • Healthcare – speciality/ neiche hospitals, clinics, teleradiology and other Medico-Infotech, SPAs, Wellness centers

  • Sports – Training and fitness, Coaching, Infrastructure and facilities Development

  • IT for SMEs – cloud computing, hosted solutions, virtualisation and open source development

  • Finance for SME development

  • Education and HRD programs for SMEs

  • Waste Management

  • Water Management

  • Townships & SEZs

  • Rurbanisation